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These dessert smoothies can range from smoothies that are flavored to taste like common desserts or they’re chocolate-based and/or extra sweet.

Double Chocolate Smoothie

Get your chocolate fix with this smooth and decadent double chocolate smoothie. It’s an edible pick-me-up and the ultimate mood booster. This smoothie is made without bananas and it’s even more chocolatey than my chocolate peanut butter smoothie and chocolate banana smoothie. It’s a great, healthy alternative to a milkshake for both kids and adults. …

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Who needs a chocolate milkshake when you have something as delicious and wholesome as this chocolate peanut butter smoothie? It’s naturally sweetened with bananas; no added sugars here! It’s also dairy free and vegan. I would say this smoothie is in my top 5 best smoothies so far. I’m definitely a chocolate and peanut butter …

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